Our vision

Our vision

With you we build the bridge to Cuba!

A strong network is indispensable for a successful business venture and is also enjoyable! We want to connect all those who are or would like to become entrepreneurially active in Cuba.
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Our strategy

Perhaps you have developed an idea? Would you like to link and implement it together with partners? We support and accompany you in all these projects.

With our professional network, we use all the advantages of close, trusting cooperation. According to your request, we will find network partners or recommend you to others. This ensures positive synergies, short distances and high quality.

Unser Team

We support you:

Johannes Werner

has been associated with Cuba as a journalist since 1998. Since 2010 he is Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of Cuba Standard, the business information service for Cuba based in Florida. Werner was born in Freiburg and graduated from the Free University of Berlin.

Christine Zapodeanu

Senior Business Consultant

is civil engineer, senior project manager and consultant in the field of renewable energies. After completing her MBA, she held management positions in plant construction projects in India, Africa and the USA. She discovered her enthusiasm for Cuba a few years ago and for the last 2 years she has been accompanying German companies in their business entry there.

Uwe Paulsen

Sein berufliches Engagement in Lateinamerika begann der trilinguale Projektmanager Uwe Paulsen 1988 in Mittelamerika. In Kuba ist er gut vernetzt, da er seit 25 Jahren unzählige Projekte im geschäftlichen, aber auch medizinischen, humanitären und interkulturellen Bereich entwickelt und realisiert hat. Seine Erfahrungen sind vielfältig: Sein Blick auf das „Ganze“ durch zwei Jahrzehnte Selbständigkeit, Sales-, Projekt- & Produktmanagement und die profunde Kenntnis der kubanischen Mentalität & Geschäftswege.

Michael Diegmann

Managing Director of MD Group

is known for its restoration work on several historical buildings in Cuba, including the Catedral de la Habana, work on various tombs in the Cementerio Santa Ifigenia in Santiago de Cuba, the restoration of the Mausoleum of Che Guevara in Santa Clara, the Palacio de Capitanes Generales in Havana and the monument to José Martí in the Parque Central in Havana. He was awarded the Bernhard Remmers Prize in 2016 for the restoration of the Capitol on the occasion of Havana's 500th anniversary. He has been living mainly in Cuba for about 8 years and is also involved in various social projects.

Leyanis Isabel Zorrilla Romero

I consider ELPUENTE@CUBA e.V. to be the appropriate vehicle to mediate and bring together the interests of European companies and the Cuban market. All guided by the common interest of contributing to the approach, understanding and protection of trade and investment relations between Europe and Cuba.

Hanno Laurids Hehr

hat umfangreiche Erfahrung mit ausländischen Investitionen in Kuba und Kenntnisse in diversen Branchen. Sein Ziel ist es, die Marktteilnehmer in Deutschland und Kuba nachhaltig zu verbinden und die Zusammenarbeit zu fördern. Er hat ein Studium der Philosophie, Politik und Wirtschaft absolviert, lebt seit 6 Jahren in Kuba und war von 2018 bis 2021 Mitarbeiter der Delegation der Deutschen Wirtschaft (AHK) in Kuba. Während seiner beruflichen Tätigkeit in Havanna konnte er mehrere bilaterale Kooperationsprojekte erfolgreich begleiten.