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Our aim is to build an agile network from which all members benefit.


We are in quick and direct communication about all developments in Cuba and support each other. 


We appreciate and respect contrary opinions and the experiences of the interlocutor.

Our motivation

Our platform enables you to move your project efficiently forward!
This requires first-hand, daily updated information, the selection of the right partner and a constant and fast exchange of information - challenge us! The figures shown here refer to contacts with companies and associations that have expressed their interest in working together in Cuba through the LinkedIn network. The number of projects refers to those social or entrepreneurial projects that the members of the board as a whole have realised in Cuba so far.






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What our members say

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ELPUENTE@CUBA serves for the members and partners as a platform for the exchange of experiences and for making contacts.
We cordially invite you to participate in our work together with various companies, institutions as well as specialists and executives and to benefit from the advantages of membership. We look forward to your participation in the ELPUENTE@CUBA network! All owners and employees of your company or institution can benefit from the advantages of a membership.
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